ISLEGAL Major, Lindsey & Africa

ISLEGAL has joined Major, Lindsey & Africa

Met veel plezier en enthousiasme brengen we je op de hoogte dat wij de krachten hebben gebundeld met Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA), wereldwijde marktleider op het gebied van Legal recruitment. Hierdoor geven wij jou toegang tot een groter nationaal en internationaal netwerk aan mogelijkheden. De komende periode zullen we onze organisatie integreren in die van MLA.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we share with you that we have joined forces with Major, Lindsey & Africa, the world’s leading legal search firm. This opportunity is a natural step forward for ISLEGAL, allowing us to offer you access to more national and international opportunities and provide you with deeper insight into market trends around the world.

We were attracted to Major, Lindsey & Africa due to the calibre of talent and the reach of this organisation. With more than 25 offices globally, Major, Lindsey & Africa has a deep network of experienced consultants familiar with all sides of the legal industry and with strong connections to many of the world’s most discerning corporations and top law firms. We are particularly excited about the opportunity to partner and collaborate with Tanja Albers, practice leader in the In-House Practice Group EMEA who is based in the Amsterdam office. Their platform will allow us to continue to do the great work we already do with you but on a broader scale.

As we integrate ourselves into Major, Lindsey & Africa, we hope to hear from you soon and to be able to assist you further as your take the next steps on your career path. With this new organisation behind us, we know we will be able to explore new horizons together.

Warm regards, hartelijke groet,

Nick Spenkelink & Remco Abeln


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