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Since 2001 Remco Abeln and Nick Spenkelink have been committed to matching the right lawyer with the right legal function. ISLEGAL is specialised in finding the perfect lawyer or solicitor for your organisation – permanent or temporary. We have many years of experience and a large network of lawyers with various ambitions and capacities. Whether it concerns a temporary or a permanent position: we look further than a CV and profile sketch to ascertain which candidate is the best candidate. Our extensive experience enables us to be aware of the underlying aspects which are important for a successful relationship between client and lawyer – in the short and long term. We are transparent in our methods as well as our costs.

Search (permanent positions)

If you are looking for a lawyer or solicitor to strengthen your organisation on a permanent basis, ISLEGAL will provide added value when searching for such a candidate. Our process is not leading, placing the right candidate is, however. Our network consists of lawyers with years of experience in the business world, solicitors and civil law notaries, in various places in their career. We have been active in this specialist market since 2001 and know exactly what person would be a perfect fit in your organisation.


Firstly, during a meeting, the expectations are mapped out. Which expertise does the organisation require and which personality matches the best with the team and the corporate culture. Our contact with candidates does not start with a new vacancy; we invest in long term relationships. We continually converse, meet with and know candidates whom you may never be aware of. Our experience with other clients means that we are able to brainstorm with you about developments in the market and are able to provide you with input as to the composition of the legal department. If necessary, we are able to use alternative methods to find the perfect candidate. The entire trajectory takes between one and five months, depending on wishes and requirements.


Finding someone swiftly with specific qualities is not always easy. We have worked with lawyers from our network for many years. Due to this we are able, at any moment, to find the right candidate to fulfil the needs of your organisation. We work with lawyers in all areas of law. Generalists and specialists at all levels whom we can personally recommend. An interim solution provides the most flexibility in terms of budget and formation and at the same time guarantees the continuity within the organisation. We pay attention to matters that, at first instance, may not appear important but are paramount for a successful collaboration.


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